FAMACHA - information guide by the SCSRPC, Southern Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control.

The Thin Poor-Doing Goat by Kevin D Pelzer DVM. MPVM, Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine

Eye Color Chart for Anemia at

Parasites Page by Goat Connection

Management of Goats by Coni Ross (excellent article)

Anemia:  a deficiency of red blood cells
Hypoproteinemia:  abnormally low level of protein in the blood

Anemia is a condition caused by a shortage of red blood cells in the goat.   Hypoproteinemia is a common outcome of severe or prolonged anemia.  Hypoproteinemia often manifests as edema of the jaw (Bottle-Jaw), anemia and weight loss in the goat.

Anemia of a goat can be caused by several different factors.  Certain blood-sucking parasites, especially liver fluke, barberpole worms (Haemonchus contortus) or brown stomach worms.  Anemia can be caused by other blood sucking parasites (lice, mites, keds etc.) and coccidia.  Anemia may be related to malnutrition and stress of pregnancy, lactation and adverse weather conditions. It can also be caused by other conditions including metabolic disorders and malnutrition.

Note: I have been using FAMACHA for a long time. I was using this method before it was named. FAMACHA works. It is a valuable skill in herd managment. -Lisa Johnson

Hypoproteinemia (Bottle-Jaw) in a goat

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