Are Myotonic goats more susceptible to predators than other breeds of goats?
There is no breed of goat which can outrun a coyote, mountain lion, bobcat, etc. That is why people around the world employ the use of livestock guardian dogs (LGD) to protect their goats. Some common LGD breeds used to protect livestock are: Great Pyrenees, Anatolian, Akbash, Maremma, Kuvasz, & the Komondor.   For more information please visit
Livestock Guardian Dogs- by the Livestock Guardian Dog Association 


Do Myotonic goats really faint, pass out, or lose consciousness?
No they do not. Myotonic goats simply experience a very temporary stiffening of the muscles, that is all.


Does having Myotonia hurt a goat?
No it does not. Myotonic goats are a happy, healthy, well-adjusted and well-adapted. There are however varying degrees of stiffness with Myotonia, and some breeders do select for extreme stiffness. We personally do not.


What is so special about a goat having Myotonia?
Myotonic goats do not jump or climb.  It is rare for them to have any birthing problems.  They are easy to contain, and easy to catch and work.  They are gentle quiet goats, and considered a family type of goat in which the whole family can be involved.


Are there any advantages to having a medium size meat goat breed over a large size meat goat breed?

The primary market across the United States is for the 40-60lb market kid.  A medium sized goat who can produce what this market wants will be more efficient than a large size one.  A medium size goat requires less feed, requires less de-wormer, takes up less pasture space, and can fit in smaller shelters.  A producer can run twice as many head on his land per acre as compared to a large size breed.  The average acreage of homesteaders throughout the United States is typically 20 acres and less.


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