In 2014 I began raising FB Boer goats again.

I'm not new to Boer goats. I was there when the first Boer goats were imported into our country 21 years ago. Mary & Bill Powis made history by being the first American breeders to import South African Boer goats into this county. The Powises lived minutes from our home. Back then we had a herd of traditional Fullbloods with bloodlines mostly from Antelope Creek Ranch ~ ACR Tasmania by ACR Texas Twister, and CODI/PCI bloodlines.

Due to outside circumstances we eventually retreated from raising the Boers. However, I have never stopped admiring the majestic beauty of the Boer goat. When the spotted/colored Boers came along, I was hooked!

The sire buck below is McGee's Special Design. What an amazing buck. He is correct, gentle and absolutely gorgeous. I also have a black & white spotted son out of WDTM (Twin Mountain) Lone Star & Bon Joli Blaze N' Bling.

Videos below! Page last updated 12/21/2014.

Video - Spotted Boer bucks playing! (1)

Video - Spotted Boer bucks playing! (2)

Video - McGee's Special Design

Having fun, after the rain!

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