I am excited to announce that Thunder Bay Ranch was filmed for the new National Geographic series JOBS THAT BITE!

The series premiered November 2013 on Nat Geo WILD, hosted by Jeremy Brandt!

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Nat Geo WILD JOBS THAT BITE! trailor

Jeremy Brandt official website: http://www.brandtfilms.com/Jeremy_Brandt_Official_Website.html

Information about JOBS THAT BITE! http://www.examiner.com/article/jobs-that-bite-coming-november

See my fainting goats on You Tube, click here!! (It went viral !!!)


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Specializing in preserving the old-style American Myotonic Meat goats


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Dedicated to preserving the old-style genetics


Myotonic goats are known by many colorful names such as Stiff-Leg, Wooden-Leg, Fainting, Tennessee Myotonic and the Tennessee goats. They all carry the recessive gene for Myotonia Congenita. Myotonia acts as an isometric exercise for their muscles, such as a professional body-builder would have. By having Myotonia, they have powerful muscular bodies. Our Myotonic goats have deep, wide bodies and reflect the barrel shape and build of a true meat breed animal. Our bloodlines possess extra muscling throughout the body and legs which is not always present in all myotonic goats. The term "Fainting goats" is used quite often. However it is not an accurate term to describe myotonia. Myotonic goats do not pass out or lose consciousness as in fainting. Instead, they remain awake and alert through the stiffening of their muscles. However, some people do choose to refer to them in this manner.



In 1880, an old man named Tinsley appeared in Marshall County, Tennessee. He brought with him a sacred cow, and four goats that stiffened and sometimes fell over if startled. He wore strange clothing and where he was from remains a mystery to this day. He worked in Marshall County for a year, then sold his goats to Dr. Mayberry. Shortly thereafter, Tinsley left one night and was never heard from again. The heavily muscled goats were later classified as a meat breed and highly prized for their meat. All Myotonic goats in existence within the country have descended from these first four goats, and it is the history that is known today.

Thunder Bay Ranch is located in Alachua, Florida. Alachua is in the northern central part of the state. The ranch has been in operation since 1996, and I have been raising goats for many years before that.

My goal is to raise top quality hearty stock. I cull heavily and select for many things. These include parasite resistance, conformation, growth, hooves, pigmentation and a number of other meat production oriented traits.

I have had a closed herd since around the year 2000. I keep the herd and kids disease free. All the goats have been tested CLA, CAE and Johne's negative. No soremouth, pinkeye or hoofrot. See my herd surveillance.

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Lisa Johnson


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